Top Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels in 2018

Top open source web hosting control panels in 2018 are sought frequently by website owners. These control panels have a lot of usages, including monitoring and managing the infrastructure of hosting. With the help of web hosting, your server can be managed from anywhere, virtually. Here is more information about this type of web hosting that you need to know.

centos panel

The Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels List You Should Choose

In fact, web hosting along with its control panel, especially those with open-source type has numerous benefits. One of the biggest benefits is to manage all services given by hosting providers, including the file and data backups, security, and mailing as well. If you plan to use open source web hosting control panel, here are some of the best ones.

1. VestaCP

VestaCP is blessed with high performance and simple interface. That’s why this platform is loved by many website owners and developers, especially by those who have limited experience in this area. The security system of VestaCP is a top notch as well since it has strong firewall and smart filter feature.

2. Anjeti

Well, one of the best top open source web hosting control panels in 2018 is Anjeti for sure. Anjeti is the finest choice that has the ability to manage several servers at the same time. It is also well-known for the high performance and its user-friendly interface. Moreover, users can also see basic information of the server, including RAM usage and everything else with ease.

3. Sentora

As an alternative, managing your server effortlessly can be done with the help of Sentora. This platform has lots of great features to help you do that, including scalability feature and add-on store. Basically, it is perfect for those running large quantity of servers. If you want to use Sentora, you need to know this platform works the best paired with Linux.

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4. Kloxo-MR

In addition, Kloxo-MR is adored by lots of developers and a web administrator because basically this platform helps simplifies the management of web hosting. Managing websites can be done with ease, only with keyboard shortcuts. The platform is packed with full control to allow users manage the website effortlessly.

5. CentOS Web Panel

CentOS Web Panel is the platform that adapts sophisticated technology. Compared to other web hosting control panels, CentOS has more modern panel. You do not need to worry about small bits of managing a websites, like backups, IP access control, and so on as this platform can take care of it.

Thoe are the recommended web hosting with open source type which has control panel integrated in it. By choosing the right one, there will be huge benefits that your websites will get, including the higher traffic and the better security. Considering that running a website is not an easy thing, just make sure you use a reliable web hosting to help you out. Those top open source web hosting control panels in 2018 above can be your ultimate options.