Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Start with Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers digital cloud computing platforms for subscribing customers. Its customer base ranges from individuals to big scale organizations. The company’s service enables people to conduct their daily businesses more conveniently since they do not have to build their own server. It also offers several amazing features for the subscribers. Perhaps learning some tips & tricks for a smooth start with Amazon Web Services will be advantageous. As a new user, you will be able to make the most out of that paid subscription.


Some Tips and Tricks to Help User Getting Started with Amazon Web Services

Here are some things that new user can do to improve their experience in using this cloud computing service since the first day.

Automating Cloud Infrastructure

Application programming interface (API) in this cloud computing service enables user to setup automatic activities within its architecture. Because of this automation feature, user can condition virtual machines and develop new networks without too much effort. In addition to decreasing administrative works, some users have reported that it actually increases quality of user’s cloud infrastructure.

Choosing the Most Suitable Region

The cloud computing company establishes data centers across the world and classifies them into regional groups. Each region may cater slightly different services. When choosing the best region for data center, user must consider its customer base, because closer data center to customers will be more convenient. Matching services offered by certain region with usage needs is also very important. The cost is also a crucial part in decision making process because each region may provide services at different price points.

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Utilizing Free Tier Services

Perhaps one of the greatest tips & tricks for a smooth start with Amazon Web Services is utilizing free tier services optimally. It is given for users since the sign up process. Some services may expire after certain periods while others are long lasting. User will get 25GB of NoSQL database with great scalability that can handle around 200 million requests every month. New user is also able to try out a month free trial for Virtual Private Server. Free AWS RoboMaker service is also offered for the first twelve month of subscription.

Establishing Billing Notification

The services that this cloud computing company offers are paid using pay-per-use system. It is easy for user to lose track on their usage because of its varied features. The first thing that you have to do when subscribing to this cloud service is establishing billing notification. It will prevent user from going over the budget at the temptation of compelling features offered by AWS.

Activating CloudTrail

CloudTrail is a tool to keep track with any activity or contact to API. Whenever a change is made within the cloud infrastructure, a log of that activity will be stored in CloudTrail database. User can go through log book later to check on them. It is a great way to investigate security breaches or failure in debugging when such events occur.

These tips & tricks for a smooth start with Amazon Web Services should help new user navigating the most fruitful way to utilize this cloud service. Hopefully you can gain benefits that justify money you have spent for subscription.