Monitor Performance Of Servers Databases

Monitor performance of servers databases is an activity to monitoring the performance of the server database. The main goal is to assess how the server performing. To have an effective performance, the monitoring have should be done through taking periodic snapshots. The section that included in action of monitoring performance are to perform monitoring task through windows tools, to create SQL server database alerts with windows, to perform monitoring tasks with extended events, to perform with SQL server Management studio and so on.

Monitor Performance Of Servers Databases


Paessler is the professional database monitor PRTG which all in one database monitoring at a glance, oracle SQL, Microsoft and avoid downtimes. To use the paessler you can join free trial no limitation for 30 days. Why you should choose paessler are a more concise overview as the vital element to you business operation. Second is a detailed view which is to monitor the specific data from your databases. Third is individual reports that use PRTG to analyze and monitor some specific data in database. Fourth is a variety of manufactures which the PRTG predefined the sensor for every single databases. Last is global monitoring which to enjoy overview all the databases.

EG innovations

EG innovations is database monitoring and total performance insight. To start the free trial, you can visit their official  website. The database monitoring is can affect the application performance and user experience. The EG enterprises universal insight is a unified performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution for database performance management. The eg innovation as next generation database performance to monitor and analytics. Here are some result of the eg innovations for the performance such as memory buffer utilization, missing indexes, parse vs CPU time, Defragmented indexes, root blockers, cache hit ratio and data file activity.

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Manage engine

Manage engine is application manager aims to monitor heterogeneous databases server. The manage engine will help database administrator and system administrator. The application will be connected to the database and make sure that it well connected. The database server have to ensure the high available, buffer cache size, database size, analyze the number of user, analyze usage trends and help to take actions. The applications also monitor the oracle management, My SQL, Sybase, MS SQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Memcached, MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis.

There are several things must be known in monitoring the performance. Such as you have to use a separate monitoring server to help the sevice, use a separate monitoring database by choose monitoring intervals carefully, archive historical data regularly, then test your monitoring scripts an queries to become resource hungry monsters, then start small and expand gradually across your servers and databases.

Another thing also can be use through activity monitor. The first is by open the SQL server management studio. You just need to push control + alt + A. It is to tracks pre defined set of most important SQL metrics. The activity monitor is useful for current monitoring and basic troubleshooting. A monitoring tool have threshold values defines and historical data stored.