How To Monitor And Troubleshoot Server Health

To monitor and troubleshoot server health, first is you have to know the server health metrics. The way to get the server health metrics is through PerfMon. PerfMon have great way to collect the metrics. PerfMon have two parts which are the server agent and the metrics collector listener. Download the perfmon server agent and then unpack, after that you should follow the structure below.

How To Monitor And Troubleshoot Server Health

  • Lib : have dependency libraries
  • jar : to launch the server agent
  • LICENSE : The apache license file
  • jar : main server agent library
  • bat: server agent launch script for windows
  • sh : server agent launch script for linux

Open the serveragent.x script ans see there are three list of info. It means that your server agent is running. Then you will be able to see the connection to the server agent, the test command and shutdown command. After all set up, now is the time to see the system health.

  • Go to the application under test side
  • Open performance
  • Switch to the Ethernet view
  • Add the perfmon metrics collector listener to the JMeter.
  • Add the IP address of the machine
  • Start the test and take a look at the chart on the left and right.

To monitor and troubleshoot server health, you can also do through manage server health. You can choose between synchronize the database, verify existence, check roles configuration, reapply file system, tighten security and check anonymous access.

In other way, you can use the HTML Administration pageys to check the server health. Through the HTML administration, you can specify about the action. Here is the details.

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To view site administration page

First of all is click start, continue to programs, next is administrative tools, click Microsoft share point administrator, then click server administration and find the site that you are going to manage.

Or you can open through your website by click site settings, then web administrator and go to the site administrator.

To run a server health check

Open the site administrator, click check server health in the server health, check the boxes of repair and detect inĀ  the detect and repair menu. Then OK. It will run, you should wait till it done and view the result in server health report page. Then fix this problem if you want to troubleshoot.

To specify server health settings

The first thing is you should open the site administration it is to check the virtual server. Then click change server health settings in the menu of server health. The next step is enable and disable the server health. Click server health and press on or off. If you thing that you needs to check the server health daily, weekly or monthly, please go to the recurrence setting and set as what you want. After that submit it.

That is all about all the ways to monitor and troubleshoot server health. You can choose that suitable for you.

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