Data Center Security

Data center security is a practice which makes the data center more secure. Secure from what? Secure from attack or threats from external bugs. The data center is a primary resource in a company. As we know that the data of a company is very important which means that if they lost then the problem will be come. So that the data center security is needed aims to protect the data centre of that company.

Data Center Security

The data center, mostly is the business data. So the data from diverse places and they unite in one data that they call data center. The aims of data center security is to protect the data from such kind of hacker. So the hacker will be less accessible to hackers or anything that can unauthorized access. The main component of data center security is network security. Why so that? Because by network, all the data are linked each others. So if you want to protect the data center, then you should protect the network first means you need network security. Here is some area for protection of the data center.

Network security

As we mention before that all the data in data center are linked through the network. So the first thing to protect is network if you want to protect the data center. To secure the network, you must securing the perimeter by install the firewalls to clean up traffic right.

Physical security of data center

Physical security of data center is very hard to secure. The data must be designed to the physical challenges. The physical security of data center aims to protect the data center from terrorist attack and industrial accident. The industrial accident is natural accident such as disaster. To enhance the physical security, you should include variety of measures.

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Restricting access

Data center security will watch on the people who enter the data center. The restricting access will works from cleaning crew and internal IT staff. The restricting access will be tracked the people who enter the website. All the movement will be tracked from sensitive server rooms. The restricting access is one of the important thing to protect the data center.

Securing your data

Data center security means to keep all the data safely and privately. Securing your data can be done through complete data backup and recovery, using data encryption, and enforce the data privacy regulations. You can do many things to secure your data such as those thing that we mentioned before.

Server security

Server security is doing through virtualization. The server security is very complex and challenging. It is need to protect all the virtual and physical server environments and infrastructure as well as all web based applications.

Cisco is one of the example data center security. Cisco is the solutions address the unique and challenging requirements of public and private cloud environments. Such as security policy enforcement, scalability management, consolidated management, separation of duties and deployment that uses resources, scales and policy.