Best VPS Hosting in USA

Every website owner in USA needs to know the best VPS Hosting in USA. As one of the biggest countries in the world, surely USA is packed with website owners. Therefore, there are numerous servers, both physical and virtual servers. Well, VPS is the type of virtual server. It has numerous benefits compared to physical one, including about the security and data backups.

VPS Hosting in USA

The Best VPS Hosting to Choose for American Web Owners

When you have everything on your own, starting from CPU to OS, there is no doubt that your website is going to run faster all the time, hence pleasing the visitors. If you want to choose an American VPS hosting to get all resources, like RAM and CPU, these five hosting services below can be your option.

 1. SiteGround

SiteGround is the best VPS hosting in USA because of its amazing features. It has the ability to manage separated control panels at the same time. Moreover, SiteGround also has the ability to provide reliable customer service, with live chat and hotline, as well as delivering high speed for the website it runs.

2. HostGator

Most people use VPS because it is generally more affordable compared to the dedicated severs. However, for some developers or website owners with really tight budget, some VPS providers still have high price for their plans. The case is completely different with HostGator. This platform offers cheap price for the plans they have. Besides cheap, the service of HostGator is quite complete. They have lots of features that are flexible and fit for the newbie bloggers.

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3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides important features that someone would need to run a website with VPS hosting. It is including the root access features, control panel usage, and many more. A2 Hosting is also well-known for the affordable price, making everyone can have access to reliable VPS Hosting.

4. Inmotion Hosting

As another choice, Inmotion Hosting is said to be able to providing the highest speed of connection for your website. It has lots of great features, including the ability to have SSD storage for the server. Basically, using Inmotion Hosting, you will be able to enjoy the high-quality website with fast speed.

5. Hostinger

If you are looking for a VPS hosting with extraordinary speed, you need Hostinger. This platform is well-known for the incredible speed. It is believed that this platform is 30x faster compared to other VPS hosting and also compared to shared hosting. This is the right platform for those who really need faster and reliable connection for the website.

Well, those VPS hosting services above are all great. All you need to do now is finding out which platform has the best offer for you. Make sure you choose the platform that can bring you lots of features but with affordable price. When you can do that, the website will be blessed with high speed and better overall quality. So, choosing the best VPS hosting in USA seems to be incredibly crucial.